At home in the South of France

    When visiting Paris, I knew I’d have to take a quick flight over and visit my dear friend Frances in her cozy coastal home in Nice, where she resides with her husband Neilson.

    We first met at our church small group in Sacramento back in 2016, our friendship kindled over our love for photography (fran is an amazing photographer herself!!) Being my personal muse/model now for a few years, I have countless photographs of her, from her wedding day, to spontaneous shoots around town; however these photos by far are my favorite, when I look at these I see how beautiful life unfolds in a span of a few years, I see a loving home being built, and traditions being created. Grateful to have had the best tour guides, who gave me the run down on the antique markets, local beaches, and served the best dinner. I followed them around town with my camera, and took a few sweet moments of the pair in the home they created.

    Follow Frances along on her blog here!!