Hello There


    My name is Nelli Nguyen, I’m a joy-filled Northern California lady who is in love with capturing weddings & lifestyle. I’ve been a photographer for five years now, and love every bit of it. I reside in Sacramento with my wonderful other half, Happy. I’m a honey lover, plant enthusiast, and a mama. I love to travel, but I’m also a homebody at the same time! I’m a Jesus & people lover, I spend majority of my evenings reading, walking around my neighborhood, and making floral arrangements! I’m basically a 90 year old at heart.

    To me photographs are a direct window to relive our most cherished memories, it’s all about the emotional content living within the frame. Every couple has their unique expression of love, passion, and joy shared between the two individuals. That gives me endless opportunities to capture timeless moments, and nothing brings me so much joy!

    I want to know more about you. Let’s start a friendship and create something beautiful.


    How I Work

    Staring into a camera can feel invasive and vulnerable. A client - photographer relationship must feel right; it should come with a sense of ease. NNP couples tend to share a few similarities. Their smiles feed off one another. They love timeless images that evoke raw feelings and true adventures memories. They forget about the passerby, and choose to get lost with each other.

    My style can be considered natural, contemporary, and timeless. Every time I pickup my camera the objective is always the same- capture authenticity. Your story is unique to you. I take a photojournalistic approach at capturing all the love and emotion of your day. In the end my promise is to deliver fine art pieces that will last you a lifetime. Ultimately my intention is to take the manifested visions of your day and give them form.


    While physically venturing to new places and breath-taking scenes is my thing, so is adventuring emotionally with my clients. My most cherished weddings are when my couples open up their hearts and allow me to get to truly know them. How much more special is it to have your wedding photographer know you, embrace you, and love on your relationship? Not to mention, it allows you to feel even more comfortable in front of my camera — and who doesn’t want that? I go to whatever height it takes to celebrate in the beauty of your story with you, so when you look back in 30 years, a smile stretches out across your face as you remember the engagement session, the day you both wed and all the feelings that come with it. Honored to be the artist & capturer of couple's joy, love, and beauty.